Propane services & options and reasons to use propane as a smart renewable energy choice

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Propane Services

Propane is used in a variety of industries and homes (including RVs) for multiple purposes. Some of the most requested propane services include heating, cooling or providing light to homes or businesses. People often shop for various sizes of propane cylinders or look for propane certified repair technicians for propane appliances (furnaces, fireplaces, fridges, BBQs, etc.). Propane is a popular fuel choice for warehouses, construction and other industries.

Propane, our favourite primary energy source; so versatile in its usage, clean and readily available. If you aren’t an active user of propane, the following blog outlines reasons why you should be.

Environmentally Friendly – Protecting the environment is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. One way to go green is by using propane, an extremely clean energy source. In fact propane gives off less than half of the greenhouse gases that electricity does. The simplistic chemical makeup of propane causes it to burn cleaner than coal, petroleum fuels and ethanol.

Cost Effective – Using propane can provide noticeable monetary benefits for you or your company. Its value is unmatched, making it the choice of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who spend less money on their heating bills. Propane fueled furnaces tend to last 5-10 years longer than electric heat pumps, heats water nearly 40% faster, and can reduce annual costs as much as 50%. Another way of saving money is by switching your vehicle from gasoline to propane. Companies who use a significant amount of fuel will often do this to reduce overhead costs. Propane services vary widely and it may be worth investigating the multiple ways in which propane services can save you money. Here is an online Cost Savings Calculator to show you the difference driving with propane can make.

Safe – With its non-toxic nature and strict regulations, propane is always a safe option. Propane is stored in sealed containers that are 20% more leak and puncture proof than conventional gasoline tanks. These containers also provide the benefit of portability as they can be installed and refilled nearly anywhere. By law, propane must be handled by trained, licensed professionals.

Abundant – Canada is the 6th largest propane producer, accounting for 3.5% of the worlds supply. Due to lack of domestic demand 70% (6.8 billion liters) of our nations propane is exported. This surplus creates a readily available product with stable prices, not subjected to the volatile nature of gasoline. Throughout the past 12 years, propane has been consistently over 40% less expensive.

Everyone can gain from using propane! Whether it’s for residential, industrial or agricultural purposes, propane can meet a variety of your energy needs. Take advantage of the cost savings and help protect our environment by switching over to propane appliances.

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