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6 December 2016 - 8:36, by , in Blog, Propane News, No comments

Propane prices have inched up a little from last month. Still in the reasonable area, but definitely higher than this time last year. The warmer than usual weather has failed to keep them depressed.  Sorry I don’t have any definite theories on the upward pressure other than oil is moving upward and I just heard that OPEC has agreed to cut some production, which generally means higher oil prices worldwide. The federal government have approved two oil pipelines out in Alberta, which should start to stir some economic recovery.

I know that infrastructure spending is good for the economy, but it concerns me that both federally and provincially our respective governments are sure racking up the deficit spending. Mighty deep hole and I don’t see the economy jumping to life anytime soon, let’s hope we can climb back out in some reasonable length of time.

Great turn out at the Remembrance Day service in Cambridge (Galt) again this year. I was impressed with the large numbers of young people in attendance. Wonderful to see that we are not forgetting about this great sacrifice by others for us, and it’s still happening today. Make an effort to thank a veteran.

So, my sweetheart got busy decorating for Halloween, and the theme was a kitty (as in ‘cat’) wedding. She had cobwebs in the spruce tree out front, some lift sized doll done up like a cat bride, old candelabra hanging from a branch with candles, big black crow perched in the small maple tree, the black plastic bilge rats had a prominent spot by the cat bride, some kind of light show that has a thousand little coloured lights moving and dancing in the tree branches, big basket of chocolate bars by the cat bride and the rats. Now she dresses up in some big white elaborate dress or gown (what do I know between a dress and a gown). Does her face up like a cat, and sits in a white chair just off a little from the cat bride. We aren’t just sure when to expect our neighbour Howard Hill to appear with the wagon load of kids, but every year is about the same time. So there my sweetie sits, not overdressed, and it’s a little cool. She sits and she waits and waits and waits. Getting a little cold, she nips into the house to rejig her costume with another layer of heat trapping material, then back to the chair to wait and wait. Finally a couple of older neighbour girls with a friend show up on foot. Now two of those girls are sisters, and have been to our home on many Halloweens, and on occasion had the tar scared out of them. They hadn’t filled the new girl in. After eyeing the scene, they knocked at the door. Yours truly remarked on their costumes and directed them over to the large basket of chocolate bars by the kitty bride. My sweetheart, who is sitting motionless as if a prop, meows loudly and then stirs as the girls reach for the goodies. The two sisters react somewhat, but the new girl just about jumps out of her skin. After more waiting, the wagon load of kids shows up and knocks on the door. I of course direct them to the kitty wedding. While many hands reach for the loot and take in the scene, with some parents on the wagon watching, my sweetie meows loudly and gets up from her chair. Everyone jumped, some squealed, including some on the wagon. Mission accomplished. We gave Howard the tractor driver some chocolate bars, and again thanked him for getting all those neighbour kids to our door. Another successful scary Halloween encounter.

I saw one of our new customers and a neighbour who lives on the South side of Clyde Rd and East of Shellard Rd out with a long stick or pole, putting Christmas lights on a big spruce tree in front of his house. I thought, I hope my sweetheart doesn’t see him, or she’ll be after me to do the same at our house.  A couple of nights later, coming back late from playing hockey, he–or should I say, they–had the Christmas lights on. The house and the tree (and it’s a fairly big tree) looked spectacular. Great job. So far I haven’t had any pressure to outfit our spruce tree.

Boy, this is how rumors get started. One day on November 10th as I stop in the house for lunch, my sweetheart says ‘what were the Backstreet Boys doing at the shop today?’ Now, the shop is our warehouse and office on Clyde Rd, up a hill and behind lots of trees. I had been out and about all morning, and had no idea what she was talking about. She tells me our daughter, who is a teacher in Guelph, contacted her wanting to know about the Backstreet Boys at the shop.  She (our daughter) had a text from another teacher, who had a text from her husband, who works in Cambridge, who heard from a coworker who had a text from her husband who is a shipper for Waterloo County Propane. So, now I have to investigate; which I did right after lunch. The story goes like this. A band called The New Electric have a tour bus, big rig with sleeping accommodations, shower, kitchen, the whole deal. They need propane to operate the kitchen range, hot water, etc and they are getting low, so they Google ‘propane’ and Waterloo County Propane shows up. Directions bring them out in the country to Waterloo County Propane–except our filling station is at Avenue Road and Elgin Street in Cambridge. Now, our shipper is also a musician, so he talks with the driver of the bus, gets a tour of the vehicle, discusses some musical things, and gives the driver directions to our fill depot in Cambridge. Apparently the Backstreet Boys are no longer a group (I really wouldn’t know for sure), but one of them, Nick somebody, was touring with The New Electric. Not sure if Nick was on the tour bus at the time, but that’s the story. So, it seems that our shipper texted his wife to say ‘oh guess what happened this morning,’ she talked with her coworker, and way the rumor went. We also had an inquiry from a sister of my general manager asking what the Backstreet Boys were doing out here. At least I think that’s how it all went down. All this happened at lightning speed on social media. So be cautioned, if you think you can do something autonomously, think again. It seems like everybody is watching everything and then reporting it to the world.

From all of us at Waterloo County Propane, and that would be Ginell, Tracy, Jen, Nancy, Donny, Mel, Matt, John, Christian, Pat, Shaun, Peggy, Dave, Bob, Bill, Al, Darryl, Adrian, David, James, Terry, Cameron, Tammy, Mike, and myself encourage you to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Christmas. Thank you again for entrusting us with your home heating and other propane requirements.

Yours truly,

Peter Rivers

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