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There was a slight bit of propane price movement up and down during April, but it has basically stayed steady. Now I know that steady isn’t as good as down, but it’s a whole lot better than up.

I remarked to one of my staff the other day that I wish my truck was more visible. His reply was what? My truck is bright red, has four full doors, an 8’ long box, and the top of the box sits five feet off the ground. Of course the top of the cab is much higher. The reason for my remark was the three incidents I had experienced that week. The first one was while sitting at a red light, I noticed a young man coming down the sidewalk to my right with his phone in his hand, looking down at it. The light changed to green and I edged into the intersection. I had to stop, as a car was coming through the intersection a little late, and a little slow. As I waited, I see the young man to my right step off the curb against the don’t walk signal, still looking at his “smart phone”, and he walked right into the side of my truck. Apparently some smart phone users become a little less smart when engaged in using their devices. The second incident happened when I was stopped at a red light at Hespeler Road and Sheldon Drive. I was the fourth vehicle back waiting for the light, with other vehicles behind me. All of a sudden I felt my truck bump forward, even though I had my foot on the brake. I immediately looked in my rearview mirror to see a middle-aged woman looking up towards me with that ‘uh-oh’ look on her face, and holding her personal communication device up for all to see. Now, my truck has a large trailer hitch on the back, and sits quite high off the road, so I wasn’t too concerned about damage, at least to my truck. As the other motorist was making no effort to exit her vehicle, I simply drove on when the light changed. I did, however, notice a substantial dent in the grill of her fancy looking Jeep something-or-other. Try explaining that one away. The third incident didn’t involve a telephone. I was entering the Zehrs plaza at South Cambridge Centre with a stop at the outdoor mailbox. I quite often stop there and drop off armloads of business mail. This day, the wind was blowing hard with a slight drizzle. When I approached the mailbox, a woman with a full grocery cart and a small child aboard crossed the pedestrian walk in front of me, and proceeded to the parking lot. I pulled up beside the mailbox, got out of my truck, and deposited the mail in the box. Back in the truck, I took a hard left into the parking lot and moved up between the parked cars. Just as I pass near the ‘cart corral’, I see the woman has just dropped her cart into place and was picking up her small child. She immediately turned to her left and into the wind and rain. Now holding her child, and trying to shield the toddler from the weather, she stepped left without looking. I had seen her and had started to slow right down, anticipating her actions. I stopped just as she bumped into the side of my truck. I was glad that I stopped, or she might have been knocked over by my mirror if the truck was still moving forward. All this in a few days! Sure glad no one was hurt.

This time of year is trade show season, and as such, I have attended shows in Nashville and Toronto. Boy, the traffic going and coming from Toronto is just horrendous. I’ve got a lot of sympathy for those who travel that 401 corridor to Toronto and back on a regular basis.

Tracy in our office brought in some chocolate malted eggs to share with the staff around Easter. I think she was just trying to get them out of her house, so she wouldn’t eat them herself. They were a hit with everyone, and were disappearing rather rapidly. I had a few myself, and because they were popular I went back to the Bulk Barn and bought a fairly large bag to have on hand, to replenish the communal jar. The next day, my two grandchildren showed up at the house and asked their grandmother and I if we would like some mini eggs. Yes of course, we said, and were presented with multiple mini eggs. The little devils had their pockets full. Seems they were at the office with their dad who was working on something, and they spotted the chocolates. Unbeknownst to their dad they emptied the jar of its contents and decided to share their good fortune with their grandparents. Good thing after I had filled up the jar earlier in the day, I put the rest of the eggs in a desk drawer out of sight.

This cool wet weather is keeping the farmers and gardeners a little cranky, but then I remember the old saying not to plant anything before May the 24th. Seems to ring true most years. What would I know, I’m no gardener, but I do recall a few times when I’ve put the water on at the barn a little early, only to find the pipes frozen on occasion.

When I was in Nashville at a propane trade show mid-April, there was lots of rain and flood warnings on the TV every hour. At the same time, Florida was very dry and plagued with wildfires.

Spring is still ahead, then a glorious summer. Be safe around the water, and participate in life every day. Don’t forget to be generous to others in whatever way you can, and laugh a lot.

As always, your early prayers for a cold, typical Canadian winter this coming season would be appreciated.

Bless you for your support.

Peter Rivers

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