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Since my last correspondence the price of propane has risen steadily and is up about ten cents per litre from the May 2017 pricing.  As if misery loves company natural gas, oil and electricity have also risen.  Tough to catch a break as a consumer these days.

My Sweetheart and I were planning to travel to British Columbia this September to visit my younger brother in Prince George and older sister in Vernon.  We don’t see each other often so this was to be a family happenings catch up and maybe some other touristy side trips.  The other reason for the trip was that we are all getting older at some point nature might take its course and we didn’t want to be asking ourselves the why we didn’t go out to visit sooner question.  My siblings had called us and said don’t come out because of the forest fires and smoke pollution.  We are now re-planning this Western trip when the fires are out and the smoke has cleared.

Kind of a strange summer what with all the rain.  Crops grew but were hard to harvest due to wet ground conditions.  I spent every weekend re-grading our gravel lane because the rain would wash the gravel down both sides of the hill.  One weekend after a particularly heavy rain I spent eight hours reclaiming the gravel from the field where it had washed to and redistributed it on the lane so my staff could get up the hill to work.  For the month of September, I almost felt like I was on holidays because it has been dry and I haven’t had to work on the lane at all.

Lots of wildlife around the farm this summer.  Your typical Chipmunks, Sparrows, Blue Jays, Doves, Redwing Black Birds and lots of Barn and Tree Swallows.

Had a young Fawn show up one day behind the bard when I was working around some machinery, kind of a cute little thing.  I saw the hay moving but because it was about eight feet high couldn’t see the Fawn until it stepped out into a cut area fairly close to me.  The Fawn watched me for about five minutes then went back into the grass.  Never did see the Doe.  A couple of days later I assume the same Fawn was standing behind my Sweetheart’s car when she and our Granddaughter were going to town.  The Fawn didn’t’ stay long before it wandered away towards our pond. Again, no Doe in sight.

I was reading an article in the Ayr News this summer that spoke about a group of Birders from Long Point doing a study on the general decline of Barn Swallows.  I called their phone number and left a message which said every year I seem to have more and more Barn Swallows.  A few weeks later I received a call from this group and they asked if they could come and include our place in the study.  We invited them with open arms.

When they did come and had a preliminary look they got a little excited by the numbers of birds visible.  They waited a while to let the Swallows or some of them start flying back into the barn then they put what looked like a big hockey net over the door opening while one person walked around inside which caused the swallows to fly out and into the net.  Now this net was very fine almost like your hair.  The Swallows would get stuck in the net where this group would retrieve them put each one in a separate cloth bag then individually measure their wing span, weight, check for body fat on the females, band them and release them.  They recorded all the data and asked if they could come back next year.  Kind of an interesting process to see.  According to them the Swallows fly to Long Point, gorge themselves on bugs then head to South America until next spring.  These birds usually arrive at my house around the middle of April and leave about August 20th.

Found a couple of Snapping Turtles this summer wandering up at my house and one by the shop.  I caught them and took them over to Mill Creek.  We saw another Snapping Turtle laying eggs in the beach sand at the pond.  These eggs usually don’t do too well as the Skunks and Raccoons tend to dig up the eggs and eat them.  Although I don’t see any evidence of this this year.

One of our bulk truck drivers Mike was traveling down Puslinch Township Concession 2 in a bulk propane truck when a young German Sheppard ran onto the road in his path.  The dog was killed instantly, Mike felt terrible and it turns out the dog belonged to one of our Propane Customers in that area.  The dog’s owners which included a young girl felt awful for themselves and for Mike.  The dog disappeared from their site just for a moment and tragedy struck.

Speaking of tragedy, you have to feel for the poor folks down in the Caribbean that have had their lives altered so fast and so completely by the recent hurricanes.  Just imagine one day all is well and then next day no house, no job, no food or water and the prospects for a place to live not looking good now or the immediate future.

When we look around at fires in BC, earthquakes in Mexico, hurricanes in Florida and the Caribbean, fires in Spain and Portugal, floods in Texas, Ottawa, Montreal, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and all kinds of new or expanding pests putting many tree species at risk kind of makes you glad we live in this part of the world.

If you are able to help out in anyway regarding any of the many worthy relief efforts do so with a giving heart.  One day it may be you on the receiving end and wouldn’t you hope that others would come to your aid.

My Sweetheart sometimes has her hair in pigtails and one day our Grandson who is now eight years old told her from the back with pigtails she looked sixteen but from the front well not so much.  Out of the mouth of babes.  We both had a laugh about this.

With all the disasters around the world I believe fuel prices will be volatile for some time.  (That means they will be up) The carbon tax just went up a little again, Provincial Government putting wages and some benefits up, Federal Government wanting to change the tax rules for business which likely means more regulation and some higher taxes.  Our Politicians sure don’t make it very appealing to be in business and employ people.

Sometimes people ask me how are things and my reply is “I’m eating regular and the roof doesn’t leak” there are many in this world who can’t say that so I guess I’m pretty darn lucky.  Keep a positive attitude always and be kind to one another.

As always thanks for your support.

Peter Rivers

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