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Propane Prices

The rise in propane prices has slowed since my last newsletter but has still increased about five cents per litre in October. Now oil has moved around a bit but not enough to justify these increases I thought so I started to investigate a little. Goes like this. Usually in the summer months due to slower demand North American propane storage facilities receive and an influx of propane to fill up the reservoirs ahead of the fall crop drying and winter heat demand. This year this top up has been behind as it turns out due to an increase in the overseas export market. So exports are up dramatically and domestic top ups are behind. When this takes place generally what happens is the export price goes up which slows export demand and makes the domestic supply more readily available. Not this year. Export prices rose and that market kept buying propane so the price went up some more and that market is still buying, and that is why so the experts tell me. That propane pricing is where it is.

“I” – like you use propane not only for heating my house and shop but also to run about thirteen of our twenty delivery vehicles. I like it better on all fronts when propane prices are lower.

As I had mentioned last December we purchased a larger John Deere tractor and put an 8’ front mounted snow blower on it. Well this spring my Sweetheart thought she would like a couple of large shrubs removed from the corner of our house. Probably just a fifteen-minute job. (No such thing as a fifteen-minute job). Oh, I thought I’ll hook a chain around the bottom of the first shrub, run the chain over to the driveway and hook it onto our new four-wheel drive John Deere tractor and just pull it out no problem. As I climbed down out of the tractor cab and looked at the four large tractor tires now buried into the gravel drive with very little movement in the shrub. Back up the tractor fill in the holes, move the tractor over for new hard gravel traction then I hooked our other tractor via chain to the first tractor. Now I have two fairly large tractors hooked in tandem with my son John on one tractor and myself on the other. Give the signal both tractors start to belch diesel smoke and pull out the shrub. Both of us climbing down from our tractor cabs looking at both tractors axle deep in gravel as our tires dug deep holes. Looked back at the shrubs and it appeared to lean a little in our direction but definitely not anywhere near pulled out. Dismantled all the chains from the shrub and tractors, filled in the large holes in the driveway, took the one tractor and installed the backhoe on it and then proceeded to dig out these two shrubs. This fifteen minute job took all weekend what with refilling the excavation and raking things up nice. So at one point my Sweetheart says boy that was a pretty big job, I didn’t think it would be that bad. I then asked he what are you going to do here now, oh I want to put three shrubs in here she says. “Yikes”.

I was a little late putting this newsletter together (much to the dismay of the accounting staff) so I wrote it the evening of November 1. Usually I would put it together a few days before month end so as not to hold up accounting. Anyway yesterday was Halloween and as such my Sweetheart got geared up to be the “Mad Scientist”.

Because the weather called for rain instead of setting up outside she set up in our Sunroom. When the kids showed up (courtesy of Howard Hill and his trailer with seating for about 30 people) she would invite three or four kids at a time into the Sunroom where she was dressed in a lab coat covered in blood, had and Albert Einstein type wig on with some kind of skeleton mask and a crow perched on her shoulder. An old door leaning on a tree outside the door had lab painted on it with an arrow pointing to our Sunroom.

Once inside the kids were treated to a monologue about all these creatures in jars with coloured solutions. Things like bats, bird skeletons, someone’s face, fingers, part of someone’s arm of course covered in blood, a severed head again with blood, eyeballs and more stuff I can’t recall. The two-black nasty looking bilge rats were at each end of the table. One she referred to as Boris the other as Yeltsin. She had some corpsy looking things hanging from the wall and was in her glory entertaining these kids with ghoulish stories. At one point she told them she caught a giant earwig in our barn and had to do something with it so she did! Then instructed them to open up this fancy container to see what she did. As she flipped the lid off it exposed a big ear covered in blood. Depending on the kids age some looked apprehensive others puzzled. She then picked up her laboratory saw (my battery operated mini Sawzall) pulled the trigger and proceeded to cut off a piece of a severed limb. Lastly, she took a drink from a large laboratory looking container which contained what looked like blood. After the mini show the kids got candy escorted out and the next 4 kids came in and the performance started again. At one point one of the older kids said to her “You know some of us just can’t wait to come here on Halloween to see what you’ve done!” I think some of the parents that come with their kids on the wagon ride get just as big a kick out of the shenanigans.

Here’s hoping for a freezing cold November (just kidding kind of). Seal up those drafts, replace your furnace filters (if you already haven’t), check your outside furnace, water heater and fireplace vents to remove any obstructions like grass or weeds, bug or bee’s nests. Keeping vents clear allows your appliance to operate more efficiently.

Smile more – it’s good for the giver as well as the receiver.

I know I always thank you for your support but without that support we wouldn’t exist. So, again I thank you.

Yours truly,

Peter Rivers

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