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Happy New Year well at least we all hope it will be a happy one.  Propane pricing is just a little higher than it was at the start of December.  It moved around for a bit in December now slightly higher than when we started last month.

Slight weather flip flop from relatively warm the first part of December to major cold for Christmas and now New Years Day.  I can remember very cold days over the years, but they only lasted a day or two.  This stretch looks like it might be a couple of weeks -8 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s about -23 degrees Celsius) at the barn last night.  Mighty Cold.

Although the cold weather is good for Waterloo County Propane business, when it’s this cold it creates other problems not only for us but for everyone and everything.  Trucks and machinery don’t want to start, starters and batteries fail, fuel consumption is up, visibility is down, and that’s for all the motoring public.  Birds and wildlife face a harder time finding food and staying warm.  Don’t be afraid to put out that bird (or squirrel) food.  I was outside the other night doing some equipment repair at the barn and it was cold, I thought how lucky most of us are that we have a warm place to go but what do these homeless people do.  Gave me chills just thinking about that.

Of course got a dump of snow which creates a mountain of work just clearing our parking lots and the lane way into our shop.  Speaking of snow! For those of you who have been customers for a while you have probably seen this next bit of information but due to weather conditions it’s worth repeating.

Just a reminder – Did you know, for your propane system to maintain pressure in your system, the liquid propane in your tank absorbs heat through the steel walls of your propane tank? Now, in cases where the propane level in your tank is low, and the tank is covered with snow, the ability of heat transfer is greatly diminished. In some cases, the situation can result in your system having no pressure, which of course means your appliances stop working.

Solution – Keep the snow away from your propane tank so it can be in direct contact with the air.

Reading the level in your propane tank – I have included three pictures which represent the float gauge on most residential propane tanks with a brief explanation on what you are looking at, for those who might find the gauge on your propane tank confusing.

The propane float gauge on your tank measures the percentage of propane in the tank. These float gauges are an indicator only and aren’t necessarily totally accurate. When we fill your tank, we can only fill it to 80% of its capacity.

Showing 7% capacity
Showing 35% capacity
Showing 75% capacity

We had our Waterloo County Propane/Cedar Signs Christmas Party mid December, had about 50 people in attendance what with employees and significant others.  Food was good, lots of fun with Secret Santa gift exchange.  Our Santa (Bob) who has filled this role for many many years always has some wisecracks to keep the audience in stitches.  I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but Bob has been with me now for some 42 years and indicated he may fully retire in May when he turns 71.  He suggested we may have to look for a replacement Santa for our next Christmas Party.  Bob and I went to St. Andrews Public School together when we were kids.

The Secret Santa experience goes like this.  Santa’s Elf (usually Ginell) picks out a gift bag and announces the lucky recipient.  The person then goes and sits on Santa’s knee, reveals his or her gift bag which could contain anything from a traditional gift to something goofy which may have had some tie into a work-related incident usually with lots of humor.  After my name was called and I sat on Santa’s knee, Santa made some wisecrack about a work-related incident, I open my Secret Santa gift and then returned to my table.  When I sat down my Sweetheart who as a child also attended St. Andrews School said when she saw me sit on Santa’s knee all she could picture was Santa (Bob) and I at St. Andrews School.  I guess you could say we have some history.  I have a story about Santa, those school days and swimming lessons at the YMCA but I’ll save that one for another newsletter.

You know sometimes we get running around so much that many times we miss seeing those simple but pleasurable events that mean so much and touch our souls.  Back just before Christmas I awoke to one of natures many splendors.  Hore Frost coated all the trees, rail fences and grasses of the fields.  When the sun came out it was dazzling.  From our sunroom we have a panoramic view of fields and forest in which to witness such wonder.

Take time to appreciate what you have and forget for a moment what you are trying to get it can lift your spirits.

A few years back I went fishing in Labrador with my friend from Nova Scotia.  We had to fly into this fishing destination.  Our pilot the fish camp owner talked to us about the difficulty people living in remote areas have accessing health care.  Not things like the common cold but more critical needs.  He mentioned that he as a pilot and aircraft owner as well as other pilots in this same position often times fly those missions to remote locations picking up patients who otherwise could not access the services they need.  Although pilots donate their time it still costs a lot of money for fuel etc.  This pilot is a member of an outfit called “Hope Air”.  Part of his pitch to us was to encourage us to consider financial donations to this cause.  These donations help fund the hundreds of medical flights each year and receive a charitable donation receipt.  I think this is a good cause and donate yearly to it.  Can’t imagine being stuck with a medical problem in a remote location with no options for help.  Should this type of cause appeal to you I have listed contact the information.

Hope Air
124 Merton St, Suite 3207
Toronto, ON
M4S 2Z2

Be careful in this extreme cold weather smile a lot and compliment someone.  Oh heck compliment lots of people often.

Where would we be without your support, thank you.

Peter Rivers

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