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Propane prices stayed fairly stable for February, although higher than we would all like to see. Let’s hope they start going down in March. I understand the propane export market is still strong, which means the United States is shipping lots of propane across the Atlantic Ocean because prices are strong. That means prices will stay up in the domestic market until export prices back off.

Wonder what March has in store weather wise, hope it’s nothing like February. You know that some steady cold would suit me just fine, although everyone else I talk with wants spring.

That freeze and thaw coupled with some rain sure played heck with our lane. So much so that I have had to grade it several times. How out of the norm is that, grading a gravel lane in February. So, before I could actually grade the lane, I had to take the tractor down behind the barn to put on the scrapper box, which is what actually does the grading. Too bad the ground, which is usually frozen solid in February, was not frozen. As a matter of fact, it was soft and sloppy, which lead to two very deep ruts in the lawn. That will take a fair bit of gentle loving landscaping this spring to fix up the mess I created.

Back in January, one of our installation technicians was returning from a job just off highway 5 by Flamborough Downs when he hit black ice, lost control of our service truck, went off the road and smacked dead centre of the truck into a tree. Apart from the truck, no one was injured, thankfully. Driver and passenger ok, truck toast. It was an older truck, and of course it had just recently come from the service shop where I had spent a substantial amount of money making sure everything was in tip top shape. The question I was asking myself was “why couldn’t this have happened the week before I spent all this money?” Murphy’s law, I guess.

The settlement from the insurance company was pretty low in comparison to the costs to get a replacement truck. Hard to find a service truck with an adequate multi-compartment service body. Spent about three weeks looking for a good used service truck. A new truck was not only expensive, but it was several months away. Finally found a service truck in Milton ON from a company in the heating business that was retiring. Fact was, he had two units available, so I made a deal for both. One to replace the wrecked truck, and the other to replace an aging unit we have been looking to upgrade.

During one of these freezing periods in February, I had been doing my weekend work around the farm all day Saturday, always watching my footing on the many ice patches. The day went well, and as I was wrapping things up and heading in for supper, I relaxed my ice vigilance—which then allowed both my feet to become airborne and dropped me like a stone directly onto my tailbone. OUCH! Now, I have been upended before, and usually fall on my side, sometimes receiving only bruises, other times breaking some ribs and wrecking a shoulder. There I lay, flat on my back, moving ever so slowly, waiting for the pain to indicate areas of concern. Well, nothing seemed to hurt too bad, except my tailbone was a little tender. All right, chalk one up for the old guy. Tailbone was a little stiff and tender, no big deal. That was a Saturday. Sunday night, I play hockey with a younger bunch of guys. So, off I go to the rink, a little more uncomfortable putting my skates on, a little more uncomfortable making my way to the bench. No problem. I’ll do my stretching, should be good to go. Wrong. Skating, or at least, trying to push off hard to chase an opponent, is definitely not doable with a bruised tailbone. We were a little short on players that night, so I said to our goalie, I’ll stand right there (pointing to a spot on his right), I’ll block any shot they shoot at me and I’ll use my stick whenever possible, but forget about me skating. I wasn’t much of a help that night. Took about two weeks to feel fine, but now I’m as good as new, at least until the next time I do something to myself.

I mentioned in the last newsletter about a Valentines Day surprise. Well, the surprise kind of fizzled. Got a card with a nice picture on the front. I always get cards that are blank inside so I can write my own little verse or thought. Well, my sweetheart has been wanting to get a cat for some time now, and I have been kind of in opposition. I was going to include in my little Valentines verse that, if she really wanted to get a cat, to go ahead. Great plan, didn’t happen. As I finish my verse, I sign the card. Now I look at my signature, and realize I signed my full name. In my day to day life, I sign my full name on a lot of documents, cheques, etc, so it just seemed natural when I signed the card. I could just imagine my sweetheart reading the card, and then the full signature, and wondering what the heck is this (like after all these many years she wouldn’t know who the card was from with my first name only). I put in a little PS about my full signature, and we had a laugh, but I neglected to add the bit about her getting a cat. A few days later, I remembered to discuss my new position on a cat, to her delight. We did go and look at some cats a few days after that, but as of yet, haven’t obtained a live-in model.

Hockey playoffs are just around the corner (I’m referring to the old timer’s league), time to re-tape my hockey stick.

Someone just told me March is supposed to be a cold month. One can only hope!

My daughter and her husband have tapped the maple trees on the lane to collect and make maple syrup. Sap’s running, and it won’t be long before a new batch of maple syrup is ready for the tasting. Yummy.

Gear up for spring as the daylight gets longer, the temperature starts to climb, and enjoy every moment of life every day. Open up your heart and share your good fortune with others.


Thanks again for your wonderful support.

Peter Rivers


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