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Propane prices started to back off some in late February and continued slowly throughout March. March certainly stayed cool or cold depending on your definition. It seems to this point this winter we have had four springs. You know temperature goes up considerably, ground turns to mud again then another freeze up. I think I’ll be glad when spring actually shows up to stay.

The sap collecting and maple syrup making went pretty well this year. The yo-yo temperatures had the sap running some days and not others. But overall many jars of maple syrup have been stored up for future pancakes and other cooking delights. Easy for me to say, I didn’t do any of the work but Ill sure enjoy some of the benefits.

The Grandson soon to be nine years old has decided to let his hair grow out. It’s getting pretty long. The other day when he came to our house for a visit and I saw his hair I thought, man 60 years ago he could have fit right in as a Beatles fan (for you younger customers I’m referring to the musical group called the “Fab 4”. You know, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, etc.)

Went out last Friday night to a trivia night at the Newfoundland Club run by the area rotary clubs. Tables had teams of eight with various names most of which escape me. The Master of Ceremonies had four sheets of twenty-five questions each. He would read questions from each sheet which the teams would write in their answers to what else but their answer sheets. After each set of twenty-five questions the answer sheets would go to the host table for scoring with the results posted on the overhead screen. Then onto the next set of questions. These teams of people were from all backgrounds and of a wide range of ages. The team my sweetheart and I were on was called the Old Galt Rotary Club (old being the operative word). Well we pretty much sucked but we didn’t finish last. That honour was taken by a much younger team. The big winners of the night were a group of teachers from St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School. My recollection is that they win every year. Second was a table full of doctors. First prize was an all expenses paid holiday to Australia for a month! Oh, I was just corrected on that turns out it was a few hundred dollars’ worth of gift certificates from local merchants. Good time was enjoyed by all and some money raised for the cause that rotary supports. Should you get the opportunity it’s a good thing to support the good work of rotary clubs.

Had a family Easter Celebration at our home this year. My sweetheart cooked up a storm, other family members brought favourite culinary delights much to the pleasure of everyone. We all ate too much. This tends to happen at those things, lots of leftovers for those emergency snacks the next couple days. Good for the soul to have your family gathered around you from time to time.

Couldn’t help thinking about that poor woman who lost her son in the flooding river earlier this year. What a heart break and he still hasn’t been found. A prayer for this heartbroken mother is always welcome.

Now with most of the snow gone all types of litter adorn the road sides. Some has been discarded from passing cars and some has been blown from recycle bins awaiting pick-up on those designated days. Anyway, it is kind of a mess. While coming back into Clyde on Village Road I saw one of our neighbours (who is also a customer) and two of her grandchildren busy cleaning up the roadside of these discarded items. Makes the entrance to Clyde look much nicer on this road and sets a good example for her grandkids and anyone witnessing this when passing her by. Bless her for making the effort.

Old timer’s hockey is finished until October. So, I’ll have to find some other form of exercise until then. Although I didn’t think our team was as sharp as it could be. We managed to end up first overall in our division. In the championship game we lost 5-4 in overtime. The fans in the stands were boisterous (all 7 of them) throughout the game. No Stanley or any other Cup was awarded but we all got to enjoy a piece of pizza.

Come on spring, please!

Remember to participate to the fullest in whatever you do.

Thanks again for your wonderful support.


Peter Rivers

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