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We hope you’ve been enjoying the first few weeks of Spring so far!  Now it’s time to get ready for an active and fun-filled summer in the great outdoors as we celebrate Canada’s 150 Anniversary.

As always, we want to ensure you receive the best possible customer service from Waterloo County Propane.   Therefore, we want to highlight a few seasonal items surrounding your Pool Heater so you can maximize your summer enjoyment.

As Pool Heaters are programmed and used uniquely in each home, there is no set formula or forecasting for Waterloo County Propane to calculate how much propane your specific heater will use.  During the summer months, we will require you to monitor the pool heater propane tank gauge carefully to ensure you do not run out. 

Please check the tank gauge frequently and call us 519-622-3720 or email delivery@waterloocountypropane.com when your tank gauge is around 20% to arrange a fuel delivery.  This will allow our delivery team enough notice to ensure you don’t run out.  Pool Heater propane deliveries are made Monday to Friday during business hours.  Weekend fuel delivery is not available for pool heaters. 

How do I read the level in my propane tank?

Below are three pictures which represent the float gauge on most residential propane tanks, with a brief explanation on what you are looking at for those who might find the gauge on your propane tank confusing.

The propane float gauge on your tank measures the percentage of propane in the tank. These float gauges are an indicator only and are not accurate. When we fill your tank, we can only fill it to 80% of its capacity.

To better help you project your consumption.

Here is a general guideline for propane Pool Heater usage.  As each household is unique, these statistics may vary.  Please note these equations are a guideline only and you will need to continue to monitor your propane tank gauge regularly.

  • The average Pool Heater is 400,000 BTU. 
  • A single 420 or 120 propane tank holds 375L (to 80% capacity).
  • On average this size pool heater can expect to consume 17/L per hour when in use.

Please keep in mind that if you are using your pool heater in conjunction with other propane fueled appliances from the same propane tank, you can expect to use more propane.  In this case after hours delivery service is available should you run out of propane. 

From all the Staff at Waterloo County Propane, we wish you a very safe and enjoyable summer of 2017!

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