About Us

Founded by current owner, Peter Rivers, in 1968, Waterloo County Propane is a local, family-owned business specializing in propane gas. We take pride in our status as a local company which is small enough to know each customer by name, and yet large enough to handle any size account and able to compete with any of the main propane gas companies. For more than 40 years, we have been providing impeccable propane service to customers throughout Southwestern Ontario.

The staff at Waterloo County Propane are professional, friendly, and passionate about customer service. Peter Rivers, together with his sons John and Matt Rivers, stand at the forefront of the company, setting an example of community and customer investment.

When you choose from the many propane gas companies, you want to select one that will become the right partner. Waterloo County Propane employees live in the same communities they serve, so they can better understand your needs as a home propane user. Our goal is to offer you the best industry standards in the areas of reliability, flexibility and convenience.