New Customers FAQ

What day/time will the driver make my delivery?

In most cases, the delivery trucks are dispatched on a geographical route, so the truck can arrive at your home almost anytime, depending on where you are on the route. Road and weather conditions also play a big part in arrival times.

For your convenience, we generally try to keep deliveries between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

How do I schedule a propane delivery?

If you need to schedule a propane delivery, you can use the online request form, email or call our office at 519-622-3720.

If you are on Degree Day, or automatic delivery schedule, Waterloo County Propane keeps track of the daily temperatures and your consumption, then automatically dispatches one of our delivery trucks to top up the storage tank so you never run out of propane.

If you have selected to be on a Will Call schedule, you must monitor the propane level in your tank and call Waterloo County Propane when your tank is at the 20% level. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery after you have notified Waterloo County Propane. This option requires homeowners to carefully keep track of their propane consumption to prevent running out of propane.

Should you select to be a Will Call customer, and you inadvertently allow your tank to run out of propane, we do have an after hours emergency service. This emergency service does come with an extra cost.

Waterloo County Propane prefers customers to be on an Automatic Fill basis, because it is hassle free.

I just had propane delivered. Why is my tank not 100% full?

Propane is pumped into your tank as a liquid, but used in your home in its vapour form. The propane code only allows for tanks and cylinders to be legally filled to the 80% level. This leaves the top 20% of your tank for propane vapour, which allows for some expansion or contraction of the liquid under changing atmospheric temperature conditions.

How do I read the level in my propane tank?

Below are three pictures which represent the float gauge on most residential propane tanks, with a brief explanation on what you are looking at for those who might find the gauge on your propane tank confusing.

The propane float gauge on your tank measures the percentage of propane in the tank. These float gauges are an indicator only, and aren’t necessarily totally accurate. When we fill your tank, we can only fill it to 80% of its capacity.


Why does the price of propane vary so much?

The price of propane has many variables and the market reacts rapidly to these variables. Some of the factors that affect the price that you pay for propane may include the price of crude oil and natural gas used in the manufacture of propane. There will also be price variables caused by seasonal temperatures and related supply and demand pressure in the marketplace.

How much gas will I use?

This is a very difficult question to answer. We can give you an approximate answer if you know how many BTUs each appliance uses, but there are other variables as well, including how high you set your thermostat, whether or not you use hot or cold water with laundry, etc.

Please call us and we’ll assist you as best we can.