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Propane News – December 2018

The price of propane is down a little from October.  Mostly because the price of a barrel of oil has been falling back. Often commodities like propane are affected by the moderation price of a barrel of oil.  Let’s hope the price continues to drop, kind of like an early Christmas present.

This year the Crop drying season has had a bumpy ride.  Although the moisture content is a little high, I haven’t seen a demand on propane for drying operations I think because some of the grain crops have developed a fungus, so these grains aren’t hitting the crop drying operations.  This slows down propane demand as these crop drying operations consume very large quantities of propane traditionally at this time of year.  I don’t know what the producers are doing about these less than ideal grain harvest.  I sincerely hope they can salvage the crop in some manner.  The saying that farmers feed cities is true but to continue to do that they also have to be profitable.

Last newsletter I talked about the “Race to Erase” event that my sweetheart and I along with another couple participated in.  As mentioned, our First Challenge was very physical endeavour. That had my team mates and myself to some degree huffing and puffing.  The question was as we go on if the next challenges are anything like the first one?  Well fortunately the next challenges where different to say the least but not without their degree of difficulty depending on your attitude, life experiences and capabilities.

Our next challenge was at the Cambridge Public Library down at Queen Square in Old Galt. Most of these challenges had different members of your team participating in their task for that challenge. All these events were timed, and each challenge time was added to your team’s total.

So, at the library one member had to take a clue, go find a picture in the area of the clue there, bring the picture back to the team where we collectively would assemble some plastic pieces (like Lego but different) to duplicate the picture as fast as possible.  Sounds easy right?  My sweetheart read the clue which was a Dewey decimal system location.  Now my sweetheart knows the Dewey decimal system and off she tears.  Well we wait and wait and wait and finally team member Peggy tears off to help.  Moments later Peggy runs back with the picture followed by my sweetheart.  Turns out the picture was attached overhead on the racking in.  The chosen location, Peggy looking up spots it right away.  My sweetheart had located the books by the clue and was rifling through the books but did not look up.  Ok four sets of hands assembling this plastic flower didn’t go quite seamlessly.  Those with bigger hands had to back off to allow those with finer bones to complete the task.  Now onto the next one.

As I’m writing this down, I realize that to go into too much depth about each challenge isn’t going to work.  I’ll run out the allotted number of pages long before I’m done.  You see when assembling these newsletters, I try to keep it to one or two pages at the most.  Two reasons, one is that the postage gets to be a killer and the time it takes to write out enough content tends to get excessive.  So I will be scant on detail on some descriptions and more explicit on others.

Went to Reids Candy Warehouse on Elgin St. in Galt.  One member had to describe to another the shape and pattern of particular chocolates which that member found and handed to member # 3 who placed them in the candy box in a pre-determined order dictated by the first member. When all the chocolates are in the box in the correct position member #4 had to wrap the box as prescribed by the official packaging layout. (somehow, we got a pass on wrapping the box because previously my sweetheart had shopped at a particular store and in so doing received a get out of jail pass card or the equivalent that we could use for this purpose) Oh we got to keep the chocolates.  Next challenge (these are probably not in the right order) Sex Education at a shop on Dickson St in Galt.  In we go. Lots of posters and such about STD’s & what not to do to avoid same. Some birth control stuff, one of us blindfolded had to hold a descriptive poster style piece of anatomy while the other members called out directions as to attach it in the proper location on the wall chart all while being timed.  (My sweetheart told me, not suggested to me, not be to too descriptive. If I mention this challenge) use your imagination is all I’m saying.  Then went to Churchill Park in Galt to the community hall where thy had multiple challenges, one team member had to put a panty hose leg on your head with a ball in the toe then while bent over swing your head only to knock down a series of pop bottles.  That darn ball had a mind of its own.  Another one was tie a rope around your waste with a carrot hanging between your legs and move a ball into a hula hoop using the carrot only.  Easier said than done.

Still at the Community Centre they had setup four challenges which emulated the difficulties that stroke victims have trying to cope with life after a stroke.  We wore glasses smeared with vaseline (I think) and gloves with rice in the fingers then had to do things like find a contractor in the phone book, call them and arrange for work to be done or pick up specific items and place them into the proper locations.  There were a couple more that I’ve forgotten but all had to be accomplished while wearing these smeared glasses and gloves with rice in the fingers.  Certainly, gave you a startling perspective on what a stroke victim has to go through day to day. (Scary!)  Went to the Bridges Downtown Galt and had to pick through two pails full of shoes to the ones with notes inside them, put the note in the category of truth or myth which had to do homelessness.  Again, another eye opener.  Went to a microbrewery on Conestoga Blvd each member had to walk a servicing tray full of empty cups to a tub of water, fill the cups then walk back all the while weaving in and out of beer kegs.  The full cups of water were emptied into a large bottle then the next member took the empty cups same route and back until the large bottle was filled.  Went to the YMCA, each member had to walk around the walking track with a whiffle ball on a spoon, if you dropped the ball you had to get it back on the spoon but not using your hands.  At Grand Valley Golf Course, we each took turns putting a ball the length of the putting green until it was in the designated hole.  At the Royal Canadian Legion in Hespeler we participated in a game of blind darts.  Each member blindfolded was turned in a circle then had to throw their darts at where they thought the dart board was.  Any hits (we had more misses than hits) were added to an on-going score, until your team reached 200 points.  That’s where the clock stopped.  We didn’t do so good on this challenge.  I think I would have felt better if we were throwing axes.

We went to a kind of retreat centre out by Whistle Bear Golf Course.  Here one of us had to read a story to the others. Then two members took a piece of paper out of the hat and had to describe the emotion written on the paper to the other two members who had to carve a face in an apple in the likeness of the emotion.  You couldn’t come out and say what the emotion was you had to make reference to the story.  When we finished this one the person running this challenge said we had picked the two hardest emotions to describes.  Figures.


Now we come to my personal favourite The Food Bank challenge.  At this stop there was one box of groceries and four empty boxes.  Each box had a label, One was “Condiments” one was “Kids Snacks”, one was “Pasta and Rice” and one “Canned Goods”.  Two team members had to put on a blindfold then reach into the fully grocery box and extract an item then their corresponding part had to direct them to the appropriate labelled box to deposit that item there, return to the full grocery box and extract the next time. Now the partner giving the directions couldn’t say what the item was that the blindfolded person had picked up.  They could only say things like left, back, right, put it down now, stuff like that.  So two blindfolded individuals working in tight quarters getting directions from two non-blindfolded team members trying to go as fast as you can to place all the grocery items in the proper box.  Once all the items were placed someone from the food back inspected the contents of each box, if all items were in the proper box the clock stopped and you were done.  If some items where in the wrong boxes, they were removed and placed in the original grocery box for you to try again.  Seems simple enough although a little confusing at time with directions being shouted at random.  Here’s the wrinkle, Ron put on the blindfold and his wife Peggy gave him directions.  My sweetheart snapped up the blindfold immediately and I was to give her directions.  Now at my house I very rarely go grocery shopping or do any cooking but I’m really good at consuming the finished product.  So here is the problem my sweetheart is pulling items from the full box waiting for me to direct her accurately expect that apart from cans and some pasta I have no idea what category these foodstuffs fit into.  I can hear Peggy giving Ron all kinds of instructions and my sweetheart is feeling the heck out of each item she picks up using her extensive product packaging knowledge to try and figure out what was in her hands then by memory locate the appropriate box and saying to me, give me some directions  I’m standing there practically useless feeling quite inadequate. Not a situation I often find myself in.

When the challenge was finished, I think my sweetheart was a little annoyed with me and Peggy said to me I didn’t hear you giving Susan very many instructions.  After I enlightened the other team members of my ineptitude and ignorance on recognizing particular food stuffs and their appropriate placement in the order of culinary importance the frowns lost their edge and all was forgiven.  Needless to say, our time on this event was brutal.  This whole event was a fun filled and interesting day.  I believe $56,000.00 was raised for different nonprofit endeavors around Cambridge.

At this time of year all of us at Waterloo County Propane and our affiliate Cedar Signs, and that would be Donny, Ginell, Jen, Lorie, Melony, Tracy, John, Annie, Mel, Larry, Mitch, Andrew, Holly, Peggy, Christian, Chris, Steve, Bill, Dennis, Mike, David K, David N, David  S, Pat, Terry, Darryl, Samantha, Bob and myself encourage  you to  have wonderful Christmas Season.  Look for opportunity to be kind, compassionate and understanding to others.


Thanks again, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Peter Rivers

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