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Propane News – January 2019

Not much to report on Propane pricing.  Pricing has moved up and down in December, but it has stayed fairly level.  I suppose it has to do with this mild weather. These temperatures seem strange compared to what I would normally expect for this time of year and certainly not what your propane supplier likes to see.  Hard to sell winter heating propane when its not cold out. Ya I know you are just loving it, lower heating bills, no snow to shovel and not as much window scraping in the morning.  If I had my way it would be snapping cold with no snow until March.  In March I would like to see lots of snow.  We need that snow for the water content to keep ground water levels topped up and for the spring growing season Now this what I would like but not likely to happen.

Well here we go again.  Another New Year starting off and for some I’m sure with great expectations Hope all your resolutions and expectations work out well the important ones anyway.

Had our Shop Christmas Party in December. There were a few people missing but it was well attended with fifty plus attendees.  The h’orderves before supper were good as was the main course and dessert.  We had a magician come around to the tables and astound us with all sorts of card tricks all of which I haven’t figured out.  Santa Claus showed up and distributed our secret Santa gifts to everyone.  This is always a fun time as many of the gifts are novelty items which can be very funny.  Many times, particular gifts are directed around quirks or habits of the receiving individual.  One of our staff (Bob) has played Santa for many many years but this year Bob was not well so Terry stepped up to fill the role.  Bob made the Christmas party and we all felt bad for him, because he has some medical condition which has slowed him down considerably. Bob has always enjoyed being Santa and this year he had to relinquish the role to someone else.  You could tell it bothered him but maybe next year Bob. Oh, the open bar is always a hit and if need be we had vouchers for taxis to get those home who required the service.

Lots of talk these days about self-driving cars.  On one hand I certainly can see the merit in this.  I got to thinking back to when I was sixteen years old and qualified for my driver’s license. (Just after the covered wagons disappeared) what excitement, what freedom and how thrilling it was to control this motor vehicle down the road totally liberating.  Fast forward a few years and will new “Drivers” even need to get a license?  Out the front door get into the car, program in your destination sit back and what, read a book, do the crossword, have a nap.  Might as well take the bus by then it might be driverless as well.

Picture this, you are going on a hot date, the show or the dance ended, you jump in the car, some how you program it to take you to lovers’ lane, things are heating up and your phone rings.  It’s your parents wondering why the GPS on the car is showing location in the middle of some bush.  Busted.  OR you are smart enough to turn your phone off but the next day you are confronted by your folks with a printout copy of the route your car (well their car) had travelled in the last 24 hours with lots of questions.  Now if you are a commuter, this driverless thing could be a blessing.  Jump in, take me to work while I put on makeup, comb my hair, read the morning paper, you get the picture.  In any case lots of changes in our world to adapt to.

Speaking of adapting we are seeing more and more automation in the work place as well as at home.  Automation and robotics are starting and will continue to take over jobs and displace people.  Good for profitability of a lot of businesses.  Invest in automation while cutting things like wages, benefits, the employer’s portion of WSIB, CPP, UIC.  No sick days or holidays for robots.  Looks good on paper and in a lot of cases the bottom line.  Where does the human factor fit in?  We all can’t be tech savvy enough to support the robotics.

Where does the segment of this population that will never be well educated, have a trade or a scientific mind to be able to fit in and find work go?  Young people coming into the work force need some, I’ll call them low end jobs, so they can learn skills related to those jobs if for no other reason to provide an initial income, so they can learn how to handle their finances now that they might actually have finances.  Those first jobs help them network with others, a skill that later in life is so important.

If automation reduces and eliminates employment opportunities especially for those entry level position and reduces the opportunity for those who maybe just don’t have the ability to expand their employment aspirations what do they do.  Feel disguarded?  Too many people with no employment prospects in time can become angry and perhaps militant.  Remember we all have to eat and not having an opportunity in life doesn’t diminish the hunger.  I just know that we all need to feel that we fit in and are a productive member of society.    Man, this last bit of verbage sounds kind of severe.  I think I had better lighten up.

I think my sweetheart is making plans for us to go away somewhere warm soon.   Guess I’ll just have to wait for my marching orders.

Some things to think about:

Live within your means

Always work

Rarely borrow

Give freely to those in need

Pray for miracles

Do things that are beneficial and for the betterment of others

Oh, and one last thing, don’t be afraid to keep the thermostat up a little higher in support of your propane supplier!  Just kidding be prudent in all you do including managing your home heating.

Hello 2019!

Your support is always appreciated.

Peter Rivers

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