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Propane News – February 2019

Propane pricing in January moved up and down some but the overall trend was up by more than a few pennies per litre.  Still compared to previous years I would say the price per litre is on the lower side.  Good thing to as it seems so many other expenses keep edging up.

I commented last newsletter that I preferred cold weather through to March.  Just last week I was outside, freezing my butt off, dealing with multiple pieces of equipment that wouldn’t start or had other extreme cold weather problems like frozen fuel lines, block heaters that failed, employees that couldn’t get to work because their vehicles wouldn’t start and I thought back to the January news letter with the thought “Be careful what you wish for.”  Yes, I like cold weather but no I don’t like sub zero extended cold weather periods. That extreme cold is tough on everything, everyone and makes a l lot of extra work for us all.

Once every winter I put a repeat article in the news letter regarding How your propane system works, how to read your propane tank gauge and what to do about excess snow.  I do this as a reminder to previous customers and as an instructional piece to new customers.  So, hear it is again this season.

Just a reminder – Did you know, for your propane system to maintain pressure in your system, the liquid propane in your tank absorbs heat through the steel walls of your propane tank? Now, in cases where the propane level in your tank is low, and the tank is covered with snow, the ability of heat transfer is greatly diminished.  In some cases, the situation can result in your system having no pressure, which of course means your appliances stop working.

Solution – Keep the snow away from your propane tank so it can be in direct contact with the air.

Reading the level in your propane tank – I have included three pictures which represent the float gauge on most residential propane tanks with a brief explanation on what you are looking at, for those who might find the gauge on your propane tank confusing.

The propane float gauge on your tank measures the percentage of propane in the tank.  These float gauges are an indicator only and aren`t necessarily totally accurate.  When we fill your tank, we can only fill it to 80% of its capacity.

With the extreme weather these last few weeks it seems fuel deliveries to gas stations has been disrupted creating a gasoline shortage in some areas.  I witnessed this first hand when I pulled into a gas station and a sign taped over the gas pump said, “Sorry only Premium Gas but at the same price as regular”.  So, the stations where running out of regular gas and using the premium gas as a buffer to capture the volume until supplies could be replenished.  That night I saw a report on the news about this shortage being wide spread and a number of stations where totally out of gasoline.  Just goes to show you how one thing somewhere can affect something totally different somewhere else.

At the end of this month Argus Residence for Young People has a major fundraiser called “A Night of Wine and Roses”.  It’s held at the Whistle Bear Golf club, big sit-down dinner, live and silent auction items, just a great time. I have about twenty staff and guests going from Waterloo County Propane and Cedar Signs.  Agrus provides Youth with food, shelter, and opportunities to thrive and get back on their feet to become productive members of society.  I have been associated with and supported Argus Residence for some fifteen or so years.  They do great work.  First class operation.  Tickets usually sell out fast but if you are interested tickets are on line at “Argus a Night of Wine & Roses”.

The Grandchildren continue to grow and become more involved in life.  Granddaughter continues to do horseback riding twice a week and just loves it.  She has just taken a babysitting course.  “What” seems she is still just a baby herself.  Well not a baby but just about twelve seems pretty young at least to this old guy.  The grandson is still taking piano lessons and liking it.  When there is a recital usually a couple times a year, he gets up for them and might dress up to suit the season or a close event like Halloween or Christmas.  He is playing hockey again this winter and so far in league play his team hasn’t lost a game.  Now they have had two ties no loses.  At nine years old that seems pretty good.

The flu bug has been making the rounds through the staff and I think just about everyone has had a turn.  Maybe that’s it for this winter although my sweetheart and I currently have pretty good chest and sinus colds.  Soon to be gone, I hope.

Pretty dismal watching the news on TV these days. Don’t see too many good news stories, its all things like USA and Russia talking about cancelling the Nuclear Arms Treaty, Venezuela with big political unrest and food shortages, the fish they are catching in the oceans all have plastic in their digestive systems, and millions of refugees continue to try and find shelter and hope while fleeing All matters of persecution’s.  Fires, floods and landslides seem to be everywhere.  Might be a good idea if we all stop more often and say a prayer for each other.  Certainly, couldn’t hurt.

Oh boy I just noticed a mark on the calendar.  The dreaded Valentines Day is fast approaching.  Here we go again do I or don’t I ramp up Valentines Day? So in November my sweetheart got a new car (after having her Honda CRV since 2003) courtesy of her sweetheart.  That item gave me a pass on Christmas purchases and her birthday which was shortly after Christmas. Can I stretch it to include Valentines Day?  Maybe Not! So, I’ve got ten days to dream up an appropriated Valentines Day event, offering, card or something.  Seems just when you think you have clear sailing up pops another high day or Holiday.  Let me think?  She just booked a Caribbean holiday for she and I, our daughter and her husband and the two grandkids on my credit card. (Thank goodness I have a gazillion airmiles points). Maybe I could get her something I might like such as an old hot rod pickup truck.  NA that wouldn’t fly. I could book a trip somewhere but that wouldn`t be a surprise because I would have to have exploratory conversation on where she might like to go.  Well I’m not going to agonize over this anymore right now.  I’m sure I’ll dream up something.

Who knows what February will bring in the way of weather with going from minus 24° Celsius (which for us old people is about minus 13° Fahrenheit) to 7° Celsius and some rain on Feb 3rd,2019. Guess I’ll just have to take each weather day as it comes and adapt to what is going on.

One-night last week when it was bitter cold, and I was getting into bed I thought how fortunate most of us are being able to get into a warm dry bed without being hungry.

Offer a hand up to others by what ever means you can and be positive always.

Thank you for being great customers

Peter Rivers

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