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Propane News – March 2019

Some slight up and down propane price movement throughout the month, but overall the price per litre has stayed fairly consistent.

By the time you read this newsletter, I will just be getting back from a Caribbean holiday, the one I mentioned in the last newsletter that my sweetheart had booked. Hope we all had a good time!

In order to get the newsletter content to Melony in our office for a final draft, I had to put it together at least a week earlier than I normally would, due to the pending holiday at the end of February. Easier said than done. Seemed every time I planned to allot the required time to drafting the newsletter, something else came up which kept me from sitting down and actually doing it. Attempting to do a newsletter on any work day is not practical due to the volume of countless activities taking place. Great that business is growing, but trying to fit in thinking about and writing a newsletter when we are open for business…well it just doesn’t work for me. So, that leaves evenings or weekends. And you need to be in the right frame of mind and have an opening in your social calendar. I’m finally at my desk on Family Day after just spending countless hours blowing snow from our lane and parking lots so that the staff can get to and park at work on Tuesday.

I have mentioned in previous newsletters, usually associated with Halloween, that my neighbour and customer Howard Hill brings a wagon load of kids and adults for treats to our house on Halloween. Well, I’m pleased to welcome Howard Hill to Waterloo County Propane in the role of Fleet Service Technician. Howard is a licensed automotive mechanic, and has an extensive background in fleet maintenance. Welcome aboard, Howard. Great to have you with us.

I sure don’t like this ice we have been faced with. Been on my keister (butt) a couple of times around the farm. First time pulled a variety of back muscles on my right side. Second time just finished putting seed in the bird feeder and moved cautiously toward the barn over all this frozen ground. Just when I dropped my guard and assumed the treacherous walking was behind me, out went both feet and I landed on my left hip and back, on top of the stepladder I was carrying. Now both sides hurt equally.

The first fall was on Saturday, the second was on Sunday, and to top things off, at hockey that same Sunday night I took a slapshot on my right outside ankle bone. Had to cancel two hockey games that week (and I just hated doing that) and it was four days before I could walk without a lot of discomfort. Said to my sweetheart if things happen in threes, I’ve had my three so things should be good to go now. I think she just rolled her eyes.

Had a call a few weeks back from Brian Riddell, a friend of mine from a long way back. Brian is, or was, a Cambridge (Galt) boy. He grew up on Dumfries St, which is on the West side of Cambridge. He was in the real estate business in Cambridge for many years, but now is retired in Wasaga Beach. Brian was never a propane customer, but reads these newsletters online. Says he gets a kick out of them. This phone call from Brian—apart from some laughs—gave me a critique of the last newsletter, pointing out a few grammar errors. We both laughed about it, and I assured him I would step up my game. We do get a fair number of comments, both verbal and written, about the newsletter. I appreciate them all, and hope in some small way you might get a smile or something that will lift your day.

Every year when the pond here at the farm freezes over, my sweetheart starts to get excited about the possibilities of skating on it. Most years with the hit and miss weather, skating just doesn’t work out. A few years however, the conditions are just right, and some skating takes place. Last Sunday was such a case. Ice was like glass with just a skiff of snow, so my sweetheart contacted the grandkids and a few others for an afternoon at the pond. The reports were that all enjoyed the outing, although our grandson took a puck off the knee late in the day, which caused some discomfort. I wasn’t in attendance at the pond because I had a call late Saturday from an old timers hockey team that was in need of a player for the Sunday afternoon’s league game. My sweetheart originally took the message off our phone with a number for me to call. Now, over the years I have played a lot of hockey. Helps to keep me in some kind of shape, good for stress relief, and there is always a laugh or two in the locker room. I’ve often kidded my sweetheart that you just never know when an emergency game might pop up. So I make the call back to this old timer’s team, and yes I’ll be there for the 3:30 game tomorrow. I hang up the phone and my sweetheart says “An emergency game?” To which I say, “Absolutely! You just never know when one might pop up.” We both had a laugh at that.

I think in one of the newsletters some time ago I may have mentioned that I had thought about including a segment (space permitting) called ‘Did I Ever Tell You About The Time’. This segment would be about adventures to do with circumstances that presented themselves in my younger years. Seems I was a kid with boundless energy, an inquisitive mind, and a knack for taking a mundane situation and turning it into…well, let’s just say ‘excitement’. Lots of times this excitement encompassed others as well. I was going to put one of these in this issue, but space was starting to get a little tight. The segment I thought about was ‘Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Shot Myself?’ Well, maybe next issue.

The weatherman (or is it weatherperson?) has indicated freezing rain moving in with ice pellets. I can just see it now; Airways Transit coming to pick up all of us vacationers early Friday morning for our trip to the airport, with our lane slick with ice. Now, our lane is 1200ft long and has a large hill in the middle of it, so it’s up one side of the hill and then down the other to get to the house. And then of course it’s the same in reverse to get back out. I think I had better keep some sand on hand and the tractor warmed up, just in case it’s a problem getting back to Clyde Road. Definitely don’t want to miss our flight. I’ll think of all of you while sipping a virgin Pina Colada and soaking up the tropical sunshine.

It is great doing business with you.

Peter Rivers

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