Payment Options

Waterloo County Propane offers several payment options:

Transparent Pricing

Waterloo County Propane has a uniform pricing formula that we apply to all customers, big and small. Quite simply, we determine the cost of your propane by the volume of propane that you use annually.

If you choose this option as a new customer, we estimate what we think you will use and then adjust if necessary the following year.

Price Protection Plan

This price protection plan runs throughout the heating season and allows you to lock-in your propane price to protect against market-driven cost increases. No deposit is necessary and you can budget accordingly during the colder months.

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Budgeted Billing

Our Budgeted Billing program allows you to pay the same each month for your propane purchases and therefore avoid severe spikes in monthly costs. By spreading the costs equally throughout the year, you can avoid interest charges and easily budget for your annual propane costs. No deposit necessary.

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Payment Methods

We accept cash, cheque, credit card (including pre-authorized payment), E-transfer and electronic bill payment via online banking.

Please call us and we’ll help you choose a suitable payment option.